Copy machines repair and maintenance can be difficult, especially when you have no experience in choosing a reliable partner for copy machines repair services. However, such procedures are important to get rid of the problems associated with office copy machines and enjoy the numerous benefits of a copy machine. However, choosing a suitable copy machine repair and maintenance services can be confusing.


In this article, you will get to know about the top 5 things that you should consider for copy machine repair. These are:

1. Manufacturer vs Local Dealer

A common question associated with copy machines repair is whether you should contact the manufacturer of the copy machine or get the professional services of a local dealer. Generally, if you have time and money, you can contact the manufacturer for copy machine repair services. Manufacturers usually take a considerable amount of time to troubleshoot and run diagnostic tests so they can fix the issues in your office copy machines.
On the other hand, a local authorized copier dealer mainly focuses on providing quick and efficient customer services. They offer a variety of copy machine repair and maintenance services. Local dealers should be preferred when you cannot afford your office copy machines to be down or keep malfunctioning for a long period of time.

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2. Finding the Best Copy Machine Repair Services

Before hiring professional copy machine repair services, you have to ask the photocopier repair technician some important questions to determine if they are the best fit for you. Problems like paper jams and low ink levels are quite common and can be solved by following the copy machine’s manual. However, if you are facing some serious issues in your printer or copy machines, then you will have to get professional copy machine repair services.

3. Important Features of a Reliable Copy Machine Repair Services

There are many different aspects of a copy machine repair service that you have to consider before buying them. Following is the summary of some of these factors:

  • Response time which includes the average time it will take to respond to the customers’ request.
  • Qualification and experience of the technicians of the copy machine repair services provider.
  • Availability of the parts.
  • Reviews of the copy machine repair services by previous customers.
  • Overall working procedures and usage of modern tools and technology.

4. Common Issues of Office Copy Machines

Following are some of the common issues associated with office copy machines:

  • If your photocopier is producing random lines on the paper, then there is a very high chance that some foreign material is stuck on the glass or mirrors. Such an issue can also occur due to malfunctioning drum or rollers.
  • Paper jams are the most common problems in printers and copy machines. There can be a variety of reasons behind paper jams. Typically, jams occur due to using the wrong size of the paper or loading it inaccurately.
  • Wrinkled pages indicate issues with the feed rollers or in the assembling of the copy machine.
  • The wrong configuration can also create problems like imbalanced colours. If your copy machine is producing too dark or too light copies, then you will have to check the settings and the ink levels of the toner or cartridges.

5. Printing and Copying Requirements

Printing and copying requirements tend to change over a period of time. For example, a small-scale business is likely to buy a small printer that will be capable of fulfilling its requirements at that time. However, with the growth of the business, it is important to get a new printer and accommodate your changing requirements.
If a company keep using the same printer and office copy machine, then it is likely that it will start malfunctioning because you are overusing it. Thus, you will need to copy machine repair services more frequently.
You can easily avoid this issue by learning the specifications of the office copy machines before buying or leasing them. The features and functionalities of a copy machine should be as per your expectations and printing and copying requirements, so you do not have to get professional copy machine repair services again and again.


Undoubtedly, copy machines are an essential part of most of the businesses. They are beneficial in managing the workflow of documents and electronic files. They are used throughout a business, so a number of departments and business processes are depended on office copy machines. Therefore, it is important to keep them in the best working conditions and get professional copy machine repair services if they are malfunctioning.