Photoprint Nature On Wallpaper

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Nature photo wallpaper fits perfectly in the living room as well as in a hall, corridor or in the bedrooms of your home.

It is even possible to stick natural wallpaper in different variations in the rooms of the house on walls. For example with natural wallpaper in the bedroom with woods and from the beach in the living room

wallpaper posters

Wallpaper with a natural print on the entire wall goes a little further than hanging wallpaper posters on the wall.
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Living Style Wallpaper

The existing or desired living style in your interior is ideal for buying matching wallpaper. All kinds of living styles are conceivable. The industrial living style has already been discussed.

With regard to living styles, you have to take your own preferences into account. For example with a classic living style. In that case, classic wallpaper is of course an ideal choice.

Do you like an interior full of vintage furniture and home accessories? In that context, it is perhaps an ideal to decorate the walls with baroque wallpaper. This makes vintage wallpaper perfect for a vintage interior.

Classic Wallpaper

Classic wallpaper is stylish and authentic. Classic wallpaper is available in various colors and with various patterns.

Consider, for example, a padded furniture and the decor of this style on wallpaper. Or other typical classic patterns with fine stripes alternated with broad stripes in brown with beige. Or black and gray.

A refined floral print can also be seen as a classic wallpaper, just like an intricate pattern of flowers. That way you always choose the product that best fits your wishes and living style.

Baroque Wallpaper

Baroque wallpaper naturally has classical elements, but distinguishes itself by the typical baroque style. This living style with vintage furniture is perfect for baroque wallpaper.

Baroque wallpaper is available in various colors and with different patterns. For example with a print of authentic ornaments or with an elegant style of a floral pattern.

White, beige, navy blue, black and gray are the color tones that often form the basis for baroque wallpaper. However, there is much more choice in terms of supply.

Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage is a trend everywhere nowadays. Whether it is about furniture or vintage wallpaper in the interior. It is, therefore, a living style that offers you many options.

Vintage wallpaper has prints that are reminiscent of the past. For example, typical sixties or seventies. Retro wallpaper is also versatile and colorful in that respect.

Just like the color orange and the color green that were extremely popular in the interior in the seventies. Vintage wallpaper is also available with an orange print or as a vintage wallpaper green.
• Classic wallpaper
• Baroque wallpaper
• Vintage wallpaper

Child Room Wallpaper

Wallpaper for the nursery or wallpaper for the nursery is available in all kinds of beautiful colors and in fun prints. Wallpaper with figurines is popular, but a neutral solid color is also an option.

Renovlies is also ideal for the baby room. This has the advantage that if your child is a little older, it can be painted in a different color.

It is possible to choose a baby room wallpaper with a timeless character. Even then you will benefit from it for many years. If your child is a little older and has a preference for a certain theme, that is a good starting point.

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